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Morandi - a new band in successful Romanian pop

Marius Moga's latest project, band Morandi, has become a real trend in the summer of 2005.

"Morandi" is the association of successful song writer and composer Marius Moga (MaxiMo) and Andrei Ropcea (Randi), who is the vocal and lead member of the band.

The idea of really making a band came after the huge success of the song "Love me" who captured public immediately.

After that came more then 10 songs, some of them being covers of old famous singles. Every song is a mixture of electronic music and human talent.

Morandi's "Bejou la la" became the hit of the summer of 2005 and each show gathered hundreds of people in clubs and on seaside beaches.


i have an official page of marius moga, more detailed one, if anyone interested..

I LOVE this guys!Aspecially Randi & Maxi Mo.And I`m interested of everything wich they are doing.Every Morandi`s fan can write to me-trixigila@abv.bg

Is there anyone out there who can give me some information on Morandi (esp Randi, i'm crazy bout him). Love the songs, the dance moves.

They are sooooooo sexy !!! i love them :)

ANDREI is soooooo sexy.Maxi Mo is sweet,but Randi,oh he`s soooo hot!My sun,my love,my God!Does anybody knows e-mail adress or something to connect with Randi or with the band?

I am also a big fan of morandi's band!
There are fantastic!!
But please can you give me their
official site?
I had a link www.minimaximo.ro
but it has been under construction for more than three months!
Please answer me!

they haven't :( you can search also forums and you'll find all you wanna know about Morandi

i'd like to say hi to all of u!
morandi i love u're songs
..,whay don't u came in italy?
2 words....last summer:-)

hello my name is YASSER HANA i'm a local promoter in tunisia . i want you to send me an email to discuss the possibility to make a gig for morandi in my night club . this is my msn adress : sianure_palestinien@hotmail.com
thank you to reply me as soon as possible

Hey. very interesting site, good music, greatist band, i have a link of them:


i hope you like it!

Hello from Greece. My name is Natasha. l'm also lookin' for their official site.. can somebody help me?
They re the best! before i knew some their's songs like Angels, Oh la la and Save me, but when i found more in youtube i loved them and now wanna be their's fan.. thanks!

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Greetings from Athens

Are you interested for a show in Greece
If yes i am here for you.

Gregory John Papadopoulos
Mobile +30 6947198871
Gregory John @ Facebook
Gregory John Papa @ Facebook

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