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Interview with the Morandi band

Morandi, the band which revolutionized last year's musical industry in Eastern Europe, gave an interview in which they reveal Randi's and Marius Moga's new projects.

Interviewer: How was the Morandi project born?
Morandi: Morandi is a studio project which was wanted to be anonymous at first, but answering the Romanian public need's for a front man, it turned into a band.

Interviewer: How much is Marius Moga's contribution to this project?
Morandi: The first contact I've ever had with Marius was 3 years ago, even at his house, where myself and Smiley were composing. Actually we were more getting aquinted with the various musical studio instruments. The idea for the project came after all the praises from each person who listened to "Love Me". For a time, Morandi was kept a secret because we wanted to demonstrate to ourselves that music needs nothing more than being listened and enjoyed. And so it was...

Interviewer: What's next after the two hits, "Love Me" and "Beijo la la"?
Morandi: This fall we will launch our second album. Thus we're preparing feverishly to polish the last details. In September we will also shoot the video for the first single of the album. The album "Reverse" was very appreciated and has set a certain quality level we wish to maintains and not disappoint our fans.

Interviewer: How would you explain the success of the album "Reverse"?
Morandi: Romania needed a poject like Morandi. We saw this empty niche and went in that direction. The album represents us 100%, we believed in it and, as you can see, the public responded very well to it.

Interviewer: Who did you work with on this material?
Morandi: We must mention our DJs: Raul and Julian, and also Loredana who we collaborated with on the single "Hot".

Interviewer: Have you started the preparations for the next album?
Morandi: Yes, it will be launched this autumn. It will be great!

Interviewer: Which single you'll shoot a video for next?
Morandi: We haven't really decided yet on which track from the next album. But expect something special Morandi-style.

Interviewer: What's the story behind "Beijo la la"?
Morandi: In April this year we went to Portugal and we loved the language, which resembled Romanian a lot. It's some kind of mixture between Romanian, Serbian and Moldavian. Besides, it's a very sensual language. This was the idea behind the track.

Interviewer: What did you first award on MTV Music Awards mean to you?
Morandi: A lot. The award came as a recognition of our hard work. Especially because it came from our fan's votes.

Interviewer: Finally, what does Morandi mean to you?
Morandi: Music is a continuous line of my life, so to speak. It's the most constant thing in my life and it's the one thing I do best.

That interview is old,I guess.`Couse the band already have done their second album.Well,the interview is good,but I`d like to read something new,new information.What arw they going to do now?

Hm... nu se mentioneaza nimic de Alexandra Ungureanu care a cantat mai in toate melodiile lor... vocea feminina a ei era... macar un "multumesc" daca in videoclip si la promovari si spectacole nu au vrut s-o duca...

Does anybody know if Morandi Band has is own web site?
Please help me. It's important!

morandi is the1 dhe dashuria ime e vertet andrei

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