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Morandi inaugurate club in downtown Sofia

Bulgarians have come to love Morandi so much that they invited the band to inaugurate the hottest new club in downtown Sofia.

The event took place a few days ago, the bands presence south of the Danube being noticed by the Romanian press as well. The Novinite press agency wrote the day before the concert: "Marius Moga promised to put on a show like Bulgaria never saw before". The club opened on tunes like "Love Me" and "Beijo Uh La La". It is called "18+" and it's considered one of the hottest hang out places in the capital. The club also organizes very hot, adult-only, parties.

It's true! Bulgaria absolutely loves Morandi! ;)

Morandi sono i piu buoni cantanti che io sia mai ascoltato.Mi piaciono molto.Fallin` asleep e una canzona cosi bella!Ed anche e vero che piaciono a molti bulgari(io sono una di loro) =]

Yes, it's a great club! And Morandi is absolutely fantastic! The style is just right for me!! Fab!

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